Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Celebration

Date : 20 June 2010 Lunch time
Location: DiKayu Nasi Kandar SS2

Today Melly pergi celebrate Father's Day dengan keluarga Papa Tok & Mama Tok..Best makan nasi kandar..Thanks Papa Tok..sebab walaupun kita celebrate Father's Day..dia yang belanja..he..he.. The food was yummylicious.
On the way back we stop by Subang Airport to see papa's aeroplane...It was soo hot, after taking one photo..mum stay in the car with Melly...

Flying back to Subang Jaya

Date: 18 june 2010
Location: Kota Bharu to Subang Jaya

After spending 14days in Kelantan, it's time to go back to Subang Jaya. Dah jumpa boleh dikatakan semua saudara mara di kampung, sekarang kita balik kacau daddy pulak... Daddy dah rehat 14hari..ha..ha..
On the way back Melly cry sooo loud until mum has to borrow toys from other passenger to try to calm her... What a journey....

Bungkus biskut

Date: 17 June 2010
location: Rumah Nenek umi

Melly tengah tengok Kakak Yasmin & Kakak Lala bungkus macam macam jenis biskut untuk nenek jual... Ada biskut bantal, ada biskut kapal terbang (mummy's fav) dan macam macam lagi.. Kakak Yasmin suka la kerja kerja menolong nenek di kedai sebab dia cakap nanti besar dia nak berniaga macam nenek & tok bah..

Birthday Dina, Abg K & Khaidir

Date: 15/6/2010 5:30pm
Event: Dina's bday

Sian Melly tak dapat makan lagi...Tengok orang makan je la... It was Dina, Abg K & Khaidir's Birthday celebration. Syok la diaorang semua lahir in senang la mama dia buat birthday sekali harung je... Best sangat mihun goreng Mak Muda...nyum..nyum...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A visit to Tok Mek's house

Date: 12 june 2010 7:00pm
Location: Rumah Tok Mek, Tanah Merah, Kelantan

This is Melly's first time meeting Tok Mek & Tok Ayah...Tok Mek was so happy meeting her 4th cicit. Since she only have one child which is Nenek Umi, 3 cucu's ie: Mummy, Aunty & Ucu and now she have 4 cicits : Yasmin, Lala, Melly & Rania...

Melly @ 4 mths old

Date: 11 June 2010 7:23am
Location: Nenek Umi & Tok Bah's house in Kelantan

Melly is already 4+ months
About 3 weeks before going back to Kelantan, Melly started this habit of crying out loud without any valid reason during daytime. But she still sleeps through the night normally from 8pm to 7am the next morning only waking up for feeding...
As expected by daddy, as soon as Nenek Umi & Tok Bah saw how loud she cry, they bring her to see "Tok Bomoh"..ha..ha.. Manage to see two Bomohs during our 2 weeks stay in Kelantan. In the end it was discovered that she is hungry and want to eat solid food...ha..ha...
So at 4+months mum start giving Melly Nestum and when we come back to Sbg Jaya, mum make rice porridge for Melly.
Melly had her 4months injection in Kelantan and she only weight 5kg at 4months..Hopefully by next month she'll gain more weight since she started eating solid. At this moment she is still fully breastfeed by mummy.
At the moment she now can roll and can interact with people. She likes to smile and play with her Kakak Lala & Kakak Yasmin.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Trip to Kelantan

4th of June 2010
My first ever balik kampung... Mum was so worried because my new habit is to cry a lot without any specific reason during daytime.. But I still sleep without any fuss throughout night time... Here's my balik kg journey.

We took firefly from Skypark at 315pm and reached KB at 4:20... Rania & Mama also went back with us...

Me at 3 months old....

Wedding of Along Sarah

On 28th of May 2010 we attend the wedding of Along Sarah at SACC Convention Centre. It was my first night outing in my stroller. I was ok at first but after sometimes I get restless and cry till mummy had to bring me out of the hall cause I was so loud... I cried till I was sooo tired and slept....Kakak Lala was so happy that night since she was one of those flowergirls...

Me & Kakak Lala & Kakak Yasmin

Kakak Lala always insist to hold me... now that I'm a little big bigger, mum let her...
And that's my new playmat.. Guess who's more excited to see the new two kakak...

Me & Rania celebrating ucu's bday

On 10th of April, we celebrated ucu's birthday. The next day Rania, Aunty & nenek Umi are going back to Kelantan for 2 weeks...

Melinda at 2mths old

Melly at 2 months old. Supposedly mummy dah kena pergi kerja but she extended her leave for another 3 months to take care and breastfeed me... melly cries a lot during daytime but come night time, she sleeps throughout the night and only wake up for feeding...good girl.. So far she doesn't use pacifier unlike kakak Yasmin and kakak Lala...way to go girl!!!

Meeting Mummy's colleague

3rd April 2010

Since mum's colleague couldn't make it for my akikah ceremony in the morning, they came to visit me in the evening instead.