Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trip to Kota Bharu- 6th stop(last stop)

After PCB, we went to Tumpat to show Lala the famous sleeping buddha statue. We got lost, Lala was too tired and by the time we reached the place, Lala was asleep. Kesian Lala. Never mind, next time,we will go there again ok.

That's the end of our one day trip around famous places in Kelantan

Trip to Kota Bharu- 5th stop

After lunch we headed to Pantai Cahaya Bulan. it was fun for Yasmin and ucu but Lala and Melly was soo scared to even came out of the car because of the wind. It was too strong.

Trip to Kota Bharu- 4th stop

Then we went to Tambatan Diraja which is a place near Sungai Kelantan where you can enjoy the view of the river. Lala always call it "sungai teh tarik" because of its colour.

Trip to Kota Bharu- 3rd stop

After Kubang Kerian, we headed to Kota Bharu because we wanted to go to the museum. We managed to visit 4 museums alltogether. They were Muzium Adat Istiadat, Muzium Alatan Perang, Muzium DiRaja and Muzium Kraftangan. Lala likes the Muzium Kraftangan a lot because it has an art class where you can learn colouring.
She and Melly both enjoy the toys which is a small fan that they bought at the souvenir shop there.

 Pintu Gerbang

Muzium Adat Istiadat
 Inside the museum

 Outside the museum

 Lunch at Nasi Ulam cikgu

Kids having fun

Trip to Kota Bharu- 2nd stop

After breakfast we headed straight to Kubang Kerian as mum wanted to check out the Kubang Kerian town. Yasmin was so impressed with all the signboard that was written in Arabic(Jawi). Here are some photos:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trip to Kota Bharu- 1st stop

Tuesday 20th December 2011

During our 2 weeks holiday in Kelantan, mum decided to bring us to Kota Bharu for a sight seeing. Eventhough we always go back to Kelantan for hari raya, weddings or visiting tok bah & nenek, there's hardly time for us to visit places like museum & beaches in Kelantan.
So since Ucu is now back home with tok bah & nenek, we decided to have this day trip.
We left Tanah Merah at 9.00am. So eager to have our breakfast at McDonald Wakaf Che Yeh.
We had breakfast muffin, pancakes and coffee. Everyone was so happy.

Having breakfast at McDonald Wakaf Che Yeh

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My medicines

On Tuesday, dad took me to the hospital. I have a sensitive skin. I scratch it every night. Dr. Indon took a sample of my blood. Waaa...sakit..

My medicines..pinjam gambar dari blog kakak Yasmin..

Ubat hidung, Vitamin & Syrup.

Fucicort untuk sapu kat affected area kat kulit saya ni..

Ubat ni kene pakai sebagai sabun masa saya mandi..

Bye, nanti kakak & mum saya tolong update lagi blog saya!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Melly masa tiba-tiba angin kus-kus rajin datang... Baca buku, tulis-tulis & kaler- kaler.....

Ramadhan 2011 -Post No2

  Aktiviti di bulan ramadhan... Antaranya:

                                                   Teman Lala mengaji dengan Daddy

                                                  Ready for bed... Susu sorang sebotol.

                                           Teman nenek masak kat dapur, sambil menyibuk...

                                                         On the way ke pasar ramadhan

                                         Main - main sorang - sorang... yg lain ke surau, terawih..

Ramadhan 2011 - August 2011

It was Ramadhan 2011. As usual, since a few years back, Nenek Hairun will come and join us in Subang Jaya everytime it's ramadhan. She wanted to spend time with her grandchildren and at the same time she enjoy performing the terawih prayers at the surau near our house. Normally either bibik or yasmin will follow her.
And Dad's birthday falls in the holy month of Ramadhan. So we just had small celebration during the buka puasa. Yasmin went to Secret Recipe and a few slices of cakes for us to enjoy... melly is the happiest person when everybody sing Happy Birthday. She loves the Birthday song....

Hafizi & Haninah"s wedding - July 2011

On the  8th - 11th July 2011, the four of us (mum,yasmin, lala & melly) went back to Kelantan for Abg Jie & Kak Hani's wedding. We took Airasia which was booked months earlier by Dad and it only cost us around RM178.00 (to & fro for all 4 of us) How cheap is that... If AA can make that kind of offer like a few times a year... that would be good.

Yasmin who is suppose to be our official photographer did not take much photos at all. She was busy reading HP - as usual.  Since mum was so busy babysitting Melly (cos bibik did not follow us).. above were the only 3 photos that we took during the balik kampung..he..he...

In the middle is the photo of our cousins- Auni, Husna & Fatini during the kenduri. Fatini and her dad came back all the way from Kota Kinabalu for the wedding. Lala was the unofficial flowergirl.

The night after the wedding, Tok Bah want to treat us at Aiman Restoran for dinner. It was owned by Ayah Chik.. The food was sooo yummylicious. We ordered soo much until we cannot eat anymore and I think we tapau more than we eat at the restaurant....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Melly and her new hobby

Ni la kerja Melly.. Namanya kaler-kaler.. Dia suka tiru kakak Lala buat colouring..
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Melly @ JJ

Melly enjoying car rides with daddy at JJ while mum busy shopping with Yasmin
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jaya Jusco IOI Mall

On 16th July 2001, while kakak Lala joined her kindy trip to Planetarium & Cosmos Park,Berjaya Times Square, mum, dad, Yasmin & Melly went to JJ IOI Mall for some raya shopping. Dad entertain Melly while mum & Yasmin did clothes shopping. We had lunch @ the food court before heading home.
This is Melly taking an escalator with Daddy.
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Melly main masak-masak

Melly tengah busy main masak-masak. Nak serve makanan kat atuk who is her pelanggan setia..
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Friday, July 15, 2011